Giveaway – 3 x Custom Blend Boxes from The 7 Virtues

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Courtesy of The 7 Virtues we have 3 x Custom Blend Boxes to giveaway.

Due to postal restrictions this giveaway is only open to people with a North American postal address.

The contents of the box and blending options are explored by Hannah JV in this article. You can make a Warm Citrus Kiss, a Masculine Rose as well as several other options.

Perfume blend the 7 virtues

To enter the giveaway you may…

Leave a comment below naming one of the potential blends or ingredients in the Custom Blend Box…


Like The Fragrant Man on Facebook and leave a comment here that you have done so (so we can find you easily).

If you choose to do both then you will have two chances in the draw.

3 Gift recipients chosen by random draw will be announced here on Oct 5.

The 7 Virtues

The 7 Virtues – website


Barb Stegemann

Barb Stegemann from The 7 Virtues

24 responses to “Giveaway – 3 x Custom Blend Boxes from The 7 Virtues

  1. I love the concept of the 7 Virtues company! Make Perfume Not War!!!!! I would love to sniff all of these and the first blend I would try is the Rose and Peace. Thank you for the draw! I also liked the Face Book page!

  2. I really enjoyed learning about this brand and what they are doing. I would love to try the orange blossom and rose together. I like you on FB and I have a US address. Thanks for the draw!

  3. I like the sound of either Warm Citrus Kiss or the Middle East Peace paired with the Afghanistan Orange Blossom. So, since I now like you on FB, both from my personal AND my business page – does that mean I get triple representation in your magic hat? 😉

  4. Great to see 7 Virtues getting more exposure. This Custom Blend Box is a clever idea — no need to choose! The listed blend I think I ‘d like best is the Masculine Rose combo of Noble Rose of Afghanistan and Vetiver of Haiti.

  5. I already own and love a bottle of Afghanistan Orange Blossom (and I always throw in a sample of it when swapping with international friends – glad to see the growth of the line!) but I’m especially intrigued to mix it up with Middle East Peace.

  6. I think the masculine rose sounds the most interesting, though they all sound great! I haven’t had the guts to mix up my perfumes much yet but this sounds like a great way to get started 🙂

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