Entire Range – 3 x Sample Set Giveaway

If you can correctly identify the Perfume Personality in the photo below you will be in the draw in win 1 of 3 sample sets of the the entire range of a certain house.


How to enter (is slightly different):

Leave your answer via The Fragrant Man Contact Page (so that you do not leave public clues in the comments) and then leave a comment to say you have entered the draw. Gift recipients announced here in 7 days.

This draw is only available to people with a US address due to postal restrictions.

Postal Perfume Restrictions
Part of the reason for all the perfume related restrictions is legislation brought in by the big guys LVMH / Gucci etc, under the guise of “air safety” etc but actually used to curb street level grey market and Chinese counterfeits that are becoming quite ruinous to their business especially in the EU.

22 responses to “Entire Range – 3 x Sample Set Giveaway

  1. response sent .quite a challenge because i cant recognize most perfumers and even fashion designers but this pic is pretty tricky 🙂

    • Peace Fazal. Great guess but I cannot put you in the hat. Thank you for participating. I will let your ‘guess’ know that he was a guess as he happens to live in the same city as me.

    • Thank you for joining in the fun Lean and welcome.
      I cannot put you in the hat but I will reveal your interesting guess later today when I announce the Gift Recipients.

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