One of the 5 Hottest Guys in Perfume…

Last week we had a giveaway for correctly identifying the Perfume Personality in this photo:


There were several interesting guesses that this might be either:

Nathan Branch, (who recently became a Kiwi citizen. Nathan and I both live on the same remote island. It is poetically named North. Kia Ora Nathan, welcome to these green green lands.)


Portia Turbo, the host of Australia Perfume Junkies.


Frederick Bouchardy, the founder of Joya Perfumes.

The Scented Hound thought it was him or possibly his twin.

Thank you all for joining in the fun but the 4 aforementioned people, while certainly being Perfume Personalities and incidentally hot, did not appear in the above photo.

The Perfume Personality is the man standing on the far right of the photo. His name is…

Carlos Huber and he is the Creative Director of the perfume house Arquiste.

The Gift Recipients of the sample sets of the entire Arquiste range are:

Dkchocoman from In The Nose

Undina from Undina’s Looking Glass

Kafka from Kafkaesque

Congratulations, interestingly you are all Perfume Personalities too. The sample set contains…

L’Etrog, Flor y Canto, Fleur de Louis, Infanta en Flor, Anima Dulcis, Aleksandr and Boutonniere No. 7.

You can read more about these ‘fumes in the links below. Or you may prefer to not read any information and let the ‘fumes unfold their secrets onto your skin. You can always read what others think in the reviews later, or not.

Please forward your postal address via The Fragrant Man contact page.

Anyone, whether they are a gift recipient or not can include themselves in the dinner party conversation with Carlos Huber which is at the last link below.

Further reading
New York Magazine – The Five Hottest Guys in Perfume
W Magazine – Frederick Bouchardy profile
Nathan Branch – Life is a Gazillion Dollar Industry
Arquiste – Auckland Action – photo report
Carlos Huber – smelling an entire island – photo report
Carlos Huber Interview – New York interview here at The Fragrant Man

Carlos Huber, steppin' out.

Carlos Huber, steppin’ out.
The inspiration for the fragrance, Boutonnière no: 7 was the men who wore gardenias on their lapels to the opera. A close greeting included a waft of gardenia.

Arquiste – Reviews

I must say I haven’t smelled such a seductive conjurer of a perfume in quite some time.
All I Am A Redhead

Fleur de Louis at The Chemist in the Bottle
Boutonniere no. 7 reviewed at Notable Scents
Boutonniere no. 7 at Australian Perfume Junkies
Anima Dulcis and Fleur de Louis at Australian Perfume Junkies
Anima Dulcis reviewed by Kafka
Anima Dulcis reviews by The Scented Hound
L’Etrog at EauMG
L’Etrog at The Non-Blonde

What Men Should Smell Like – 7 Days of Arquiste and Interview
Day 1: L’Etrog
Day 2: Flor y Canto
Day 3: Fleur de Louis
Day 4: Infanta en Flor
Day 5: Anima Dulcis
Day 6: Aleksandr
Day 7: Boutonnière No. 7

Arquiste – Melbourne Launch

A dinner party with Carlos Huber and
The Blogger, The Retail Entrepreneur, and The Distributor.
You can add to the the dinner party discourse by commenting on Clayton Ilolahia’s website.

10 responses to “One of the 5 Hottest Guys in Perfume…

  1. I won? Seriously? Hahaha, how wonderful!

    BTW, I could pick Carlos Huber out of a crowded room from a mile away…. Rowwwrrrr! 😉 I think you already have my contact info/address, but let me know if you don’t.

  2. Hahah Congratulations to the winners! I was actually looking at a photo of Carlos Huber on google images on a tab right next to this picture, and I couldn’t convince myself the two looked enough alike. Of course, now that it’s been revealed, I completely see the resemblance lol.

    • Ha,ha ,your eyes may have been distracted. Anyway glad you are convinced and thank you for joining in the fun Lean. Shirtless pictures of perfume people are like hen’s teeth.

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