Giveaway – Australian album Sandalwood Oil

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams – Part 8

We stepped back in time with Part 1 and Part 2 of this Series of Sandalwood Dreams. Then we looked at the planting of a sandalwood dream way back in 1999. We moved forward to September 2013 for the first harvest and then processed the dream without reference to Freud. After distillation we sent the oil to several people; a Sufi Mystic who is also a Perfumer / Composer, an Aromatherapist, a movie star from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and my mate Clayton Ilolahia who kindly supplied a photo of his organ and a formula for using this newly available oil. You can find out their reactions and impressions in Part 7.


Tonight we are giving away 8 bottles of Australian album sandalwood oil so that you can then make your own evaluation to satisfy your curiosity or your needs.

Part 8, The Giveaway is over at Basenotes; click here to web-travel.

Thank you for dreaming with me. We have found a new and sustainable reality for a tree that was almost lost from this world due to over-harvesting.

A Series of Sandalwood Dreams
Basenotes – Part 1 – Myths and Legends
Basenotes – Part 2 – The Perfumed Chamber
Basenotes – Part 3 – Planting Santalum album in Australia
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Basenotes – Part 8 – Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

6 responses to “Giveaway – Australian album Sandalwood Oil

  1. Whoops, touched the wrong button! to continue – fascinating reading but one thing that I wonder about, they make full use of the sandalwood tree but what happens to the host trees? Can they leave them in the ground and reuse for the next planting or are they taken up with the harvest and used elsewhere and for what? I also am very pleased that Mr. Freud didn’t make it into the dream.

  2. So is this a draw? Do I leave a comment and get a cookie? My experience with Aussie santal album has been limited to sniffing EDP DVN which was a very polarizing scent being such a departure for the Malle line. I am not a fan of gourmand so I had trouble with the scent and didn’t really find myself able to dissect the santal in the hodgepodge. I would love to try working with it although I am blessed with a small stash of vintage that I use sparingly in appropriate nooks and crannies. This is a great series and I really enjoyed hearing voices from down under. I applaud anything that is geared towards sustainability, since i got in this perfume racket I have witnessed the withering of the crops and also given thought to the fact that it takes petroleum to create juices….

    • Yes David, you get a sandalwood cookie! The draw is been hosted at Basenotes where you leave a comment saying something that you leant that you did not know before the series. Thank you for reading. DVN – smells like cookie and I also do not enjoy gourmand. I like to eat food, not smell like it. I have a nook and several crannies where your vintage sandalwood will be safe in New Zealand! Much safer here than at your place where it is likely to vanish into a Phoenicia Perfume!

    • Great to know that the delivery delivered. Are you bathing in it? Try a drop or two in your bath – but not if you want to keep some as a collector’s item. Alas, that was the way I went and ‘it’s gone.

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