A Mary Christmas


I asked Carlos Huber, the very Creative Director of Arqusite for more information about this photo…

Her stylist is the very fabulous June Ambrose, who wears Aleksandr, L’Etrog and Flor y Canto from Arquiste. Her daughter even has Infanta en flor.

Today Ms. Ambrose was styling Mary J. Blige for an appearance at The View in the morning – June was wearing Aleksandr and…

Ms. Blige loved the scent and was obsessed with it! SO MUCH so that June called me and we sent her one. She said she was a fan! As I am of her of course; Real Love is my favourite of her classics, but I love her ‘One Love‘ duet with U2. And Just Fine is great for a party.

Her new Christmas album is really beautiful. I LOOOOVE Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

And in just one day, Mary J. Blige has just added L’Etrog and Infanta en flor to her Perfume Wardrobe. What a wonderful day!

Carlos Huber

Thank you Carlos. Mary J. Blige is a woman of refined taste and talent. She is Stronger with Every Tear. When all the others were wearing Gucci she was rocking Fendi.

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My favourite Mary J. Blige tracks are below for your aural enjoyment. Will you dance with me? First spritz your favourite ‘fume then clear the living room. See those chairs, move ’em, you need the space; now press play…

Warm Up: Let’s start slow with a Luther Vandross cover…
Summer of 1981. When this joint came out it was like a breath of fresh air to the radio, to music. Only Luther!
Give me that guitar like the original joint…

The next song is the original singer of the above song, Luther Vandross, singing live one morning.

No More Drama – this track samples The Young and the Restless (Nadia’s theme) and is an anthem to getting on with your life. One of the themes of this song is to encourage a person to find the strength to leave an abusive lover behind and start a new life. Great lyrics. DJ Alex Taylor introduced me to this song on the dancing floor of The Midnight Shift. He took a risk that night as the intro has a very low BPM compared to what is expected at a club. Thankfully the dancefloor went off as the BPM accelerated.

Be Without You (Moto Blanco Mix)
Have you ever been in the middle of the dance floor for Be Without You (Moto Blanco Mix)? Dancing in your living room is the place to be if attending your local disco is not your thing. I do both.

Right, let’s slow it down and absorb this happy atomosphere.
Be Without You – slow version
I”ll be waiting up until you get home
‘Cause I can’t sleep
Without you…

I got a question for ya
See I already know the answer
But still I wanna ask you
Would you lie? (no)
Make me cry? (no)
Do somethin’ behind my back and then try to cover it up?
Well, neither would I, baby
My love is only your love (yes)
I’ll be faithful (yes)
I’m for real (yes)

Your Child
In Sydney there is a nightclub called Arq. The DJ Paul Goodyear would play this track around 5am in the morning to a packed dancefloor. I always felt transported to New York by this dance mix.

Today you has a visitor,
Or should I say, an old friend?

But wait a minute
That’s not where it ends, no
Is there something
That you wanna tell me, hmm
Cause I’m believing what your friends say
About your hidden secrecies

Your girlfriend
She wasn’t disrespectful
In fact, she’s a hundred percent sure
And how could I argue with her
Holding a baby with eyes like yours

She said it’s your child

Thank you for reading, listening and dancing your troubles far away. Are you ready now to engage your own festivities this season?

Let you heart be light…

A thousand kisses to you,

Jordan River

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The 2013 Christmas Music of Perfumeland
Pacific Northwest

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Carlos Huber, steppin' out.

Carlos Huber, steppin’ out.
The inspiration for the fragrance, Boutonnière no: 7 was the men who wore gardenias on their lapels to the opera. A close greeting included a waft of gardenia.

5 responses to “A Mary Christmas

    • Wanna be with you, wanna be with you…

      What an anthem that was. Wishing you plenty of drama Portia!

      Mary is in the USA XFactor tonight as a guest. What will she sing? But don’t tell me if you know the song as I will find out when the final airs to tonight.

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