RealOud – Phoenicia Perfumes – Review

Over the next 14 weeks we will be exploring Oud wood and oil. Not the synthetics that are now a staple of mainstream perfumery; this series will go to the source of the oil itself.

This is the link to Part 4 of the weekly Oud Series which is on Fragrantica.
Fasten your web-belts; let’s go web-travelling…

Part 1: My name is dehn al Oud

Part 2: The Oud Oeuvre

Part 3: How to Burn Oud Wood

Part 4: RealOud – Phoenicia Perfumes

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Perfume Ingredient storage. Photos: David Falsberg, Phoenicia Perfumes

Further Reading

I applied more and more (and more) of the unbelievable aroma… it’s alive and makes the wearer feel alive and unstoppable, kind of like the brilliant perfumer who created it and put his soul into making this the most beautiful thing he could.
Gaia Fishler
The Non-Blonde

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CaFleureBon – David Falsberg profile
Kafka on Elegant Wood or Medicinal Sexiness?
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