Sakon Nakhon – Giveaway

Is is perfume? Is it a perfume ingredient?

No, it is a place in Issan. Issan is the North East area of Thailand. Sakon Nakhon is close to the borders of Laos and Viet Nam. I am on a fragrant-fact-finding mission about a perfume tree which is two steps away from extinct in the wild. So far I have found out that 38 degrees Celsius / 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit means that it is to hot too think, write or read.

You can read more about this tree planting expedition next month on Fragrantica. I found a perfume that blew me this way.

If you can correctly identify this perfume tree then your good name will go in a draw for a sample of the yet-to-be-revealed perfume from the yet-to-be-revealed perfume house whose operation I am exploring from soil to oil to perfume.

Free WiFi in this area has been more like a Free WiSh!




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Thailand map via Wikipedia
Sakon Nakhon Map via Google Maps

25 responses to “Sakon Nakhon – Giveaway

  1. Hey Jordan. I was wondering where you’d got to. I haven’t got the foggiest idea what tree you’re talking about. But I have a good name, so pop it in anyway huh? ;). Bussi. xxx

  2. You absence has been noticed my friend and here you show up in Thailand. I chose Agarwood and I’m glad to see that you’re back. I can’t wait to see what you this new project is all about 🙂

  3. You’ve been missed Jordan, but this sounds like a fascinating mission.

    Not sure about the answer but guessing the aquilaria tree, knowing your taste in perfume.

  4. Hi Jordan, very good photo with country people in Thailand. Reminds me of places like Puerto Maldonado in Peru with 75% humidity. With much interest I will follow and read your article at Fragrantica. Greetings.

    • Hello Walter. Country people work so hard in the heat. I have yet to find an air conditioned jungle or forest. Hola to Peru, a place I have not yet visited. I believe that they have their own perfume tree/s; copahu and rosewood; probably many more. I think you have inspired me here. Thank you Sir.

  5. Hallo, Mr. River,
    Agarwood was too obvious and I suppose that I am late for the draw. But I should say it didn’t just dawned on me – I took a closer look at your photos to search for clues, and the leaves of the saplings revealed the species to me – Aquilaria! Well, after all Botanics and Plant Physiology were my major at the university… 🙂
    However, I have some more suggestions for you to look after in Thailand. Aquilaria is not the only threatened species! Bakula (Mimusops elengi) with its unpresentabe but strong vanilla-scented flowers, the Thailand Rosewood (Dalbergia cochinchinensis), the Lao Benzoin (Styrax benzoides or S. tonkinensis) and Khao lam dong (Goniothalamus laoticus, again – the flowers are intensely aromatic), not to mention the Asoka tree, the wild mango and the Pride of Burma (Amherstia nobilis). So many have to be saved, so little time…

  6. this may be agarwood given your article but one of the guesses i would like to add is Southeast Asian ganja plant

    • Peace Fazal, you are hilarious! I have tried the second plant that you mention in some local traditional dishes (rather than the tourist-geared pizza of the same name). I have not come across planatations of that though! In the hat you go for this draw.

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